In bloom

Anne Linden  Chloé Merz  Maria Gorbatschova

umami, aromatic, woody

13 €

Balvenie Double Wood Whisky, Boal Madeira 10, Amontillado Sherry, Spruce Porcini, Sorghum, Maple, Spruce Oil

Mushrooms and trees not only share a habitat, they also interact with each other. If a tree is attacked by vermins it can warn other trees through the mushroom web. Even nutrients can be shared through the structures, for example to care for a weakened offspring.

dry, floral, mineralic

13 €

Hendrick’s Orbium Gin, Lotus-Lime-Cordial, Sake, Tequila, Gentian, Iris

Lotus, which is a hermaphroditic plant, is also a symbol for femininity. In China it is associated with love and a good mariage, especially the red lotus stands for the female sex organs. All parts of the lotus are edible.

erdig, spritig, rund

13 €

Hendricks Neptunia, Dry Vermouth, White Vermouth, Salt

The woman’s existence is interwoven with the phases of her cycle. Plants such as the curry leaf were said to have positive effects on phases of this cycle.

fresh, dry, earthy

13 €

Discarded Grape Vodka, parsley (leaf, roots and seeds), Bergamot, Dill, Lime, Salt, Soda

During the middle age, tinctures made out of parsely were a chance for women to make decisions over their bodies and future.

spices, deep, bright

13 €

Discarded Cascara vermouth, Hendricks Absinthe, Verjus, Pho syrup

Licorice root has historically been used to help women entering their menopausal years, especially with hot flashes. In this drink we use its aromatic properties in the pho syrup.

complex, floral, aromatic

13 €

Hendrick’s Neptunia, Lavender, Rosmary, Thyme, Myrrh, Sherry, Verjus, Pineau des Charentes

Even if the Jungerntee (spinster tea) is just a relic of a romantic closeness to nature during the beginning of the last century, – it´s message is as relevant todas as it was back then: to decide, as a women, when she is ready to bear a child.

elegant, fruity, round

13 €

The Balvenie 12 Double Wood Whisky, Pear, Cherry, Rose, Verjus, Maple

Pear, cherry and rose are three of many incredibly fascinating masterpieces of nature: they show characteristics of both genders.

fruity, fresh, herb

13 €

Hendrick’s Gin, Sage, Raspberry leaf, Raspberry, Verjus, Tonic

The effect of plants like sage and raspberry leaf on the four phases of the cycle has been a topic for centuries. A fascinating harmony between nature and femininity.

dark, boozy, sweet

13 €

Discarded Bananapeel Rum, Cinnamon – Lemon Cheong, Cacao Bitters, Bitters

The longing for physical closeness is as old as mankind itself. In the past, cinnamon was said to have the power to revive this attraction.

fruity, delightful,

9 €

Atopia Spiced Citrus, Rue Berry Cordial, Rosewater, Aloe Vera, Soda

Aloe vera was said to be used by the one and only Cleopatra as a way to keep her skin moisturized in the beaming sunshine of Egypt.